Return Policy





I. Warranty policy



Heaven Guardian provides a warranty on account recalls (hacked/stolen) starting on the day you acquired the account.

You will be protected if you follow our warranty conditions. You will get store credit equal to the amount you paid for the (stolen) account, which you may apply to any of our services. You acknowledge and agree that Heaven Guardian is not liable for any in-game bans, locks, bugs, or rollbacks, with the exception of our account recall warranty as indicated above.

II. Process

If you notice any strange change on your mail or game, you must immediately inform us through one of these contacts :

Mail :

Discord : Heaven_Guardian

You should give as much information as possible with screenshots, it must be join by basic information like the proof of purchase. Then our dedicate security service will investigate your case. In most of case, you will be able to get back the access of account in hours. If not, the security service will deliberate on the case. This could take from hours to weeks, this depend if further investigation are needed. Exchange with the support of games could be long and Heaven Guardian doesn’t have any influence on it.









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