Upgrade Account Service

Our Upgrade Service: For previous customers, we offer the option to return their purchased account in exchange for a stronger one, with just the completion of their previous payment. This seamless process enables players to continuously progress without overextending their budget. Grow stronger effortlessly with our Upgrade Service.

Our Upgrade Service offers a seamless solution for previous customers seeking to enhance their gaming experience. By returning their purchased account, players can exchange it for a stronger one, enabling them to progress further in their adventures.

This service is available  for the following games : Albion Online and Call Of Dragons

HEAVEN GUARDIAN is a platform where you can get Albion online accounts with the specialties that will get you the best.

Lifetime Warranty The Guardian protects you against any problems with your order. Visit this page to read more about it.

Cost-Effective Solution – Maximize your budget while gaining access to a more powerful account.

Best service The Guardian carries you during the whole process, easy and fast service.

Process Overview

1. Assessment of Previous Account:

We begin by evaluating the value of your previous account. To do so, we require your account credentials to access and review its contents securely.

2. Confirmation of Value and Fee:

Once we’ve assessed the value of your previous account, we’ll confirm its worth or provide you with a new estimation. Additionally, we’ll include the service fee of €30 to determine the total price for the account change.

3. Agreement and Payment:

If you agree with the assessment and total price provided, you’ll proceed to pay for the service. Upon receiving your payment, we’ll securely secure your previous account to ensure its protection.

4: Provision of New Account:

Following the secure handling of your previous account, we’ll provide you with the upgraded account to enjoy your enhanced gaming experience. 

Once you chose the perfect Albion Online or Call of Dragons account for you, contact us :

Discord: heaven_guardian

Mail: contact.heavenguardian@gmail.com




The seller is very helpful and guided me throughout the whole process. I 100% recommend.

Clara Moran Alarcon

Great seller good support and fast…
Great seller good support and fast delivery

PINK Rainbow Dash

Absolute best and safest!
Hands down, the best service you can get.

Jerimiah Bartlett

Transaction was smooth and quick also insures safety from ban and was really responsive.


Friendly, on time, and understanding.

Mohsen Heidari

Safe and easy
I bought my first account on this safe website !

Frederic rsm

Super échange réalisé en toute sécurité, je recommande

Sandrine Marinoni

I recommend 100% Heaven Guardian, it’s such a great customer service. I had a great exprience with it !


Fast and easy experience, 100% safe solution, Fair prices, Great customer service. I recommend !


Great experience
I bought an account and upgrade it thanks to his upgrade plan. Very fair prices, I recommend !

Luca Grondin

The customer service was top-notch and I felt safe throughout the process.. Highly recommended !


Vendeur professionnel, à l écoute ! Toujours eu de bon échange . Et très honnête .


I was impressed by the safety of the site and the professionalism, I recommend 100%.

Lilou Rauch

Perfect service and super safe.


Simple, fast and very secure. Perfect

Enzo Marinoni

100% safe solution !


100% safeee
I recommend !!


I recommend !


I recommend !

Solenn Messager

I purchased an account from him valued at over 250 euros. The seller in question was highly responsive and attentive.


One of our last service execution :

 Upgraded from 630M Albion Online account to 1.63B ! What a game changer !

Thanks, I used their upgrade service. It allowed me to change to a better account and save a lot of money ! Will use it again !


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